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1, the latest generation Faroudja® Real Color® true color image processing, 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI deinterlacing video processing, Faroudja® TureLifeTM video image enhancement

2, seamless switching, fade in and out switching, fusion switching

3, two signal source switching methods: one-button switching and pre-selection +Take switching

4, three custom dual-picture mode, one-key switch between modes, any picture-in-picture (PIP / PBP) display, AIAO (Any In Any Out) function, arbitrary intercept arbitrary output

5, the same group of input signal hot backup function, to ensure more stable output

6, custom input DVI EDID, perfect point-to-point display

7, custom output resolution, stand-alone horizontal pixel points up to 3840, vertical pixels up to 1920,

8, DVI Loop supports Apple PC, DVI Loop unlimited cascade synchronization stitching, driving unlimited LED screen dot matrix. Frame synchronization technology, no misalignment and delay between output images

9, a variety of control methods: wireless wifi, IP / LAN, panel buttons, infrared remote control, PC software, flexible operation

10, 2 channels can be configured with external stereo audio, plus HDMI and SDI audio, a total of 4 channels of audio synchronization switching

11, can be built in 2 LED send card (compatible with large cards)

12, 24/7 application, high reliability and stability

13. Compatible with all full color synchronous control systems on the market

LVP615 series product model description

*LVP615 expansion interface can be selected as: 1xCVBS

*LVP615S expansion interface can be selected as: 1xSDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI

*LVP615D expansion interface can be selected as: 1xVGA/DVI/HDMI

*LVP615U expansion interface can be selected as: 1xWi-Fi+2xUSB

LVP615 接线图 2016.8.11.png

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